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True Blue a musical about Margaret Thatcher

True Blue is a musical about Margaret Thatcher 

Four scenes of True Blue were workshopped in the Winter of 2005 into 2006. The producer was Roy Lee  who working with a young cast from the Lambeth College Performing Arts Course put together four scenes from the first act of True Blue. A musical about Margaret Thatcher.


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F and M Publications 2006

When Margaret's around. Video.

Denis Thatcher (played by Derek Sean Jellow) is singing to journalist Sundae Times (Louize Willams) about how he and Margaret Thatcher (Naomi Murphy) met up. Link to you tube

No such thing as society. Video


Collection of newspaper vendors (played by from right to left Ieshia Tuitt, Danni Warren, Rochelle Williams-Anderson, Camille Da Costa, Monique Dietrich, Paula Libanio) sing out the mantra that there's no such thing as society whilst other members of the cast dance in the background. Link to You Tube