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True Blue A musical Margaret Thatcher

True Blue is a musical about Margaret Thatcher 

August: A process of re-recording the songs for True Blue has begun and the results should be appearing on this website soon. In particular new versions of the songs from Act Two.


July: Copies of script and score floating around various theatre groups. Any theatre company (amateur or professional)  interested in looking over the script please get in touch.


February: Just as four scenes of True Blue were finally performed in South London, publicity for Thatcher the musical! 's opening south of Coventry reached a crescendo. It seems rather appropriate that, in the spirit of free enterprise, there should be two musicals about Margaret Thatcher though hopefully True Blue and Thatcher! The Musical will be sufficiently different to both thrive.

January: The play was first workshopped with a cast of young inner city actors none of whom had started primary school when Margaret left office. The advantage of this is that they have no baggage from the time and also they will be coming at the story as a piece of drama rather than something that they actually lived through. This should also allow the audience to detach from their own memories of the time and concentrate on the story as it unfolds in front of them onstage.

True Blue aims to appeal to an audience not necessarily familiar with the 1970s and '80s which was one reason a young cast was selected to workshop the four scenes. A young, inner London, multi racial cast -not exactly the Tory party in the 1980s- for whom the drama had to work as a story, rather than relying on people's memory of the Thatcher epoch (in musical terms or otherwise). More on the workshop and streaming video of two of the scenes can be found here or opposite.

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  True Blue a musical Margaret Thatcher

MPEG of No Such Thing as Society 

Margaret Thatcher Musical True Blue

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Margaret Thatcher Musical True Blue

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