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Except maybe sleep. You do know how to sleep don't you?


 I love going back to sleep in the morning it feels like victory


Karim Sleep Specialist sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care


slumber deficit


Combat global stress through slumber offsetting.


The world today is hectic big buzzing place and people from all classes are moving faster, more on call and busier than ever before. In this 24/7 lifestyle there are winners and losers and one of the losers are good manners. People don't take the time to talk anymore and very often when they do interact it is brief and curt because they are tired. They are worn-out because they don't get enough sleep and this results in an increase in global aggression and discourtesy. 

We at F&M think we have a simple solution, more sleep. It is scientifically proven that we need sleep and it is a cliché that you can't make up for lost sleep but we at F&M think you can. We recognise that this is not possible for everyone; the busy working mum, the stock broker and drug dealer must all struggle with sleeplessness. However just because they have a big sleep debit with the subsequent increase in tension in society this brings does not mean they have to be net friction contributors. Morally  you can still be in the side of the slumbering angels.

This is our dream solution because we all know that time is money but money can be used to buy the time of others. It is easily possible to be money rich but sleep (and manners) poor, however the former can offset their slumber deficit by paying others to have a lie down on their behalf. In this way the global stress caused by sleep arrears can be lessened  and the BAD (Belligerent And Depressed) factor reduced. We call it unconsciousness raising.

Around this page are a number of tranquillity technicians you can pay to sleep on your behalf whether this is a cat nap, siesta or full scale lie in Of course you can buy these for other people you think in need of extra sleep just let us know who they are for and we will e-mail them a certificate of slumber. The gift of sleep Of course this gift has the bonus of being carbon neutral as well.

So select one of our ministers of morpheus to be the unconscious angel to offsetting your sleeplessness. Each somnambulist specialist has their own sleep sphere and we will e-mail you a certificate of their doze when we feel energetic enough. You however can rest assured that we have fulfilled your slumber potential.



Koko the cat


slumber offsetting  


 sleep recovery


 Slumber offsetting


I love going back to sleep in the morning it feels like victory



If you are interested in other projects which make the world a better mannered place please visit Niceties Tokens UK who will be delighted to hear from you. If you require other treatments such as life coaching and alternative therapies you might want to consider Breathe London

We would also like to hear any of your best sleeping stories. Please contact us via dozy (at) fandmpublications dot co dot uk who will reply when he wakes up. Also get in touch if you think you have what it takes to be an unconsciousness raiser.