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A 21st century penny dreadful featuring tales of folklore and horror stories from another London.



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'A pocket horror show.. far from dreadful and worth every penny.' Time Out.

Full copy of Time Out Article

Though we were also amused by the Amazon review which described the publication as the 'best thing since sliced bread and about the same size.'

And confused by the Guardian's description of it as 'a-price-of-a-pint-of-Stella rather than a shilling shocker'. 2.50 for a pint of wife beater? In London? Surely not.

Link to Guardian review.

One the other hand we got a proper review from a proper paper representing one of London's proper boroughs. The Ward Without the City, Southwark.

A dread good read. Inspired by a century old genre but addressing timeless fears in a modern voice, (One Eye Grey) will be scaring commuters witless for a long time to come. Southwark News Weekender

Link to Southwark Weekender Feature

'Delightful Fortean stocking filler with -hooray!- more to come next year'. Fortean Times


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