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Football Voodoo

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'A pocket horror show… far from dreadful and worth every penny.'  Time Out

‘A dread good read'.
Southwark News Weekender
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football voodoo

Football Voodoo: Magic, superstition and religion in the beautiful game.

Football Voodoo is where soccer collides with sorcery from players’ superstitions and rituals, use of colour, symbols and invocation right the way up to hiring mediums, witches and shamans to invoke curses in a bid to change the course of a team’s fortunes. This is a world of hexed grounds, unlucky shirts, magic horses and burying cattle under goalposts. A place where managers urinate on corner flags, goalkeepers in the six yard box and dog mascots on defenders.

For more information, the chance to create your own ritual, play football commentary bingo and many other delights visit the official football voodoo website.
Footy Voodoo UK £9.99

Footy Voodoo abroad £12.00

heavy words lightly thrown The original Heavy words lightly thrown re-released with the first fifty coming with a free shiny sixpence to sing a song over. Once again there is the chance to find out whether Jack Horner really was a squatter, whether Mary was all that contrary and Jack particularly nimble and why there was such a fuss about geese and their gendering?  This is your chance to pick up the reason behind the rhyme in its beautiful original layout and enjoy the book described as:

"An enormously entertaining study” Daily Telegraph 'Books of the Year'

 "Entertainingly mischievous readings of these traditional songs" The Guardian

"Rumpty Dumpty! Or why those nursery rhymes aren't as innocent as they seem" Daily Mail

Heavy words lightly thrown UK £7.00
Heavy words lightly thrown abroad £9.00