One Eye Grey is a penny dreadful for 21st century that draws on the tradition of those early London publications as well as the pulp fiction that followed.
Chelsea Smilers


In the Chelsea Smilers  we had contributions from Neckinger Nell, and Benedict J Jones  as well as Paul Rivas who has started up a rather interesting online story called the secret tramp . Their tales feature alongside those of  Josh Leob,  Theo Drane, Sean Elliott, Alice Bower,  Martin Jones and the Votive Railings of S M Swaby.

There is also an exclusive extract from the novel Deathless by Richard Woodhouse the full copy of which is available here.

We used  the illustrative talents on this occasion of Celia Biscoe and Daniel Morgernstern

Follow these links for details of contributors to Bank Holiday Weekend, See the Elephant Fly, and the Second Arsenal Stadium Mystery

One Eye Grey is a collaborative effort bringing together people who fancied creating something chilling and pocket sized to read on the tube. Their stories from another London and can be ordered online here or bought in these shops. We are are looking for contributors for future editions as well as advertisers and more shops to sell it.

 One Eye Grey is another barking scheme from