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Call for stories Kindle edition Autumn 2012

F and M Publications welcomes contributions of short stories based on  folktales or ghost stories for our 21st century penny dreadful. We prefer tales based on old London folklore or  with an overt spooky element but weird tales with a metropolitan setting are also considered.  Be creative be playful, be horrible but be London. 

Stories (absolute maximum of 5,000 words) should be e-mailed to penny (at) Please attach the text as a Rich Text or Plain Text file. Deadline for stories is July 1st 2112

Unless we use them there is no payment for any stories, and have to confess the terms are not great. The aim is to do as little editing, proofreading and correction as possible so please bear that in mind before sending the stories on to us. 


penny dreadful was created for F&M by Celia Biscoe

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