One Eye Grey 


In September of this year in a dusty room in an abandoned bit of a house south of the Thames a man stumbled across some heavy boxes. Cursing softly he opened the first to discover them not full of food or, better yet, drink but instead something a bit more magical. He had found the legendary lost copies of the 21st Century Penny Dreadful called One Eye Grey.


Time Out and the Guardian and South London Press, Southwark News and numerous blog sites hailed this innovative collection of London fiction and folklore.


'A pocket horror show... far from dreadful and worth every penny.'  Time Out

'a-price-of-a-pint-of-Stella rather than a shilling shocker'. The Guardian.


'A dread good read. Inspired by a century old genre but addressing timeless fears in a modern voice, (One Eye Grey) will be scaring commuters witless for a long time to come.' Southwark News WeekenderOnetime


'Delightful Fortean stocking filler '. Fortean Times


One Eye Grey  is a penny dreadful for  the 21st century that draws on the tradition of those  as well as the pulp fiction that followed. It features modern stories based on traditional London tales of the uncanny, paranormal and supernatural. You can listen to some here.



Sorry but we have now sold out of all hard copies.

Transpontine DriftGoose in SouthwarkOut of orbital


Inside you'll find Queen Rat, shaft shifting succubi in Shepheards Bush, selkies in Chelsea, cannibals in Camden, lost cinemas, broken lives and the terrible curse of London Elm's disease.


Alternatively you could buy these and more on Kindle.

Get properly prepared for a London Halloween.

Get properly prepared for a London Halloween.

More info on entire series here

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