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Norman Beresford Tebbit Biography (29/03/31-)

Norman Tebbit has been described as the Chingford skinhead, a biker and on one occasion as a 'semi house-trained pole cat'. All these descriptions fail to recognise that Norman has a humourous side*, likes a laugh and like Mr Punch enjoys cutting some capers as well as bullying people. Norman is a sort of enforcer clown to Margaret, a keen follower if a tad buffoonish on occasions. Norman was born in Enfield and worked as a journalist with the Financial Times before spending four years with the RAF and later joining the airline BOAC as a pilot.

He entered politics in 1970. Served as Secretary of State for Employment, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and President of the Board of Trade (October 1983 - September 1985), as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and as party chairman (1985 - 1987). During the Brighton hotel bombing he was injured and his wife, Margaret, was permanently disabled. In the aftermath of urban riots in the summer of 1981, Tebbit responded to a suggestion that the rioting was caused by unemployment by saying:

Norman Tebbit Biography

 I grew up in the 1930s with an unemployed father. He did not riot. He got on his bike and looked for work, and he went on looking until he found it.

Like Margaret he retired from the commons in 1992 and entered the House of Lords though his seat was passed onto another bald right winger Iain Duncan Smith. Always on butting terms with controversy Norman suggesting bringing in the 'cricket test' for ethnic minorities suggesting that people from ethnic minorities should not be considered truly British until they supported the England cricket team, as opposed to the country of their or their ancestors' birth. In this way millions of Scots suddenly found themselves able to pick just about any nationality they felt like. In 2004 he managed to get quite worked up about the Blair Government's Gender Recognition Bill and its Civil Partnership Bill, both of which touched a raw nerve in burly, close cropped, leather jacket wearing Norman.

Picture by Daniel Morgernstern

* We at F and M have conclusive proof of this but the best gag that Norman plans to play will only happen after his death and we are not the sort of organisation that spoils a fantastic joke in the making. So the rest of you will have to wait. Sorry.