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Or should that be light words heavily thrown? Despite limited interest when it was launched (from the Wrexham Leader and Radio Suffolk) Heavy words received a great deal of attention from the media in March 2004 then again in the Autumn of that year and the Autumn (or should that be Fall?) of  2005 in the US, oh and Australia in early 2006. It's been quite hard to keep track of the radio interviews, TV spots and newspaper features. Some comments from the British press are featured below but the most amusing pieces came from Sex TV in Canada and being the lead news item on a Dutch soft porn website.


"An enormously entertaining study of the possible adult subtexts in popular nursery rhymes" Daily Telegraph 'Books of the Year'


 "Roberts's entertainingly mischievous readings of these traditional songs grab symbolic readings from any available sources and stir them in a big pot" The Guardian


"Takes the best known children's chants and bedtime lullabies, and teases out their political or sexual subtext, to reveal layers of cruelty, smut and historical intrigue"  Independent


"An irreverent romp through the received wisdom of the nursery rhymes with which we all think we're so familiar" Sunday Herald


"A highly entertaining, extremely informative and enlightening book"  Big Issue


"Entertaining expose of the surprising stories behind well-known nursery rhymes revealing a seething subtext of sexual innuendo, religious hatred and political subversion"  Bookseller


"Rumpty Dumpty! Or why those nursery rhymes aren't as innocent as they seem" Daily Mail


"Nursery rhymes? They were all having it awhey!"  The Sun