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Margaret Thatcher Time Line


1925 Margaret Hilda Roberts is born in Grantham, Lincolnshire on October 13. Adolf Hitler publishes Mein Kampf and the Scopes Monkey Trial took place in America arguing that evolution should be taught in schools. The Charleston dance craze (named after the American town where it originated) took Britain by storm and the Flapper generation enjoyed the manic dance which was performed by turning and kicking the legs while quickly waving the arms in time. Flapper was the term given to the growing number of young women who embraced fun and frivolity over tradition and duty so an ideal year for Margaret.


1936 Margaret the grocer’s daughter goes to Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School. BBC starts television service and Edward VIII begins his reign, but soon abdicates. The Spanish Civil War begins and Olympic Games held in Berlin where Jessie Owen wins enough gold medals to make Hitler's moustache twitch.


1943 Margaret goes to Oxford something she never said she allowed to hold her back. She studied chemistry and became the first female president of the Oxford University Conservative Association. Churchill and Roosevelt hold the Casablanca Conference and Mussolini is deposed as the German’s surrender at Stalingrad.


1950 Margaret is working as a research chemist, among her projects are a means of improving the freezing, if not the flavour, of ice cream paving the way for Mr Whippy. The first modern credit card is introduced in the USA and Labour win the general election which Margaret involves herself in as the unsuccessful Tory candidate for Dartford.


1951 Margaret marries entrepreneur Dennis Thatcher and begins her studies to become a lawyer. South Africa (where Denis has several business interests) are forced to carry ID Cards identifying their racial background. Winston Churchill wins 1951 election and the Festival of Britain was held to celebrate the centenary of the 1851 Great Exhibition.


1953 Margaret gives birth to twins Mark and Carol. She begins to study law. First men to climb Everest and Korean War ends, the Crucible opens on Broadway and North Sea flood kills 307 in the South East.


1959 Margaret wins the parliamentary seat of Finchley. Cuban revolution means that Castro takes power and the Sound of Music opened on Broadway. The Conservatives gained a third consecutive general election victory in October so Harold Macmillan stayed on as Prime Minister.


1966  England win the World Cup and Eric Cantona was born.


1968 Margaret votes to liberalise the abortion laws and to decriminalise male homosexuality. England win the World Cup and Eric Cantona was born.


1970 Margaret becomes Education Minister after Ted Heath’s shock election victory though more shocking to many people is the break up of the Beatles. Hardly anyone noticed the introduction of the first floppy disks though.


1974 Conservatives lose election (twice) and Margaret along with other right wingers plot the end of Ted Heath’s leadership. Elsewhere the Terracotta Army is discovered in China and Lord Lucan Richard John Bingham disappeared.


1975 Margaret wins the leadership of the Conservative Party and Arthur Ashe was the first black man to win Wimbledon. The Common Market referendum was held in June and 67% said that the UK should stay in.


1976 A little speech about the Iron Curtain becomes a major event as Pravda dubs Margaret Thatcher the Iron Lady. Anarchy in the UK is released by the Sex Pistols signalling a dramatic shift in British music and culture.


1979 The Conservative Party wins the election and Thatcher becomes Britain's first woman Prime Minister. Ayatollah Khomeini returns from exile to become leader of Iran.


1980 Margaret Thatcher refuses to make a u-turn on her economic policy despite rising unemployment and inflation. John Lennon was shot dead on December 8 and that Xmas aside from buying ‘Give peace a chance’ most people got a Rubiks Cube and a few a Sony Walkman which were introduced that year. Others shivered as Brighton became the first UK seaside town to introduce a beach for nude bathing.

1981 Margaret faces a series of strikes and South London went up in flames as rioting spread through Brixton in April. In July, rioting broke out in dozens of cities across the country most ferociously in Liverpool prompting the reworking of the old folk saying, red sky at night, Toxteth’s alight. IBM released the first personal computer for sale in October.


1982 Margeret’s taskforce retakes the Falkland Islands and increases her popularity. E.T. is released and in December, women surrounded Greenham Common military base to protest about the installation of nuclear weapons.


1983 Conservative Party wins a landslide election after the opposition is split by the Social Democratic Party and My Little Pony is popular too. The winning racehorse of the 1981 Derby, Shergar, was stolen in February and has never been heard of since. The Americans responded to a left-wing coup in Grenada by sending in troops. Britain responded angrily to the American action in a British colony.


1984 Defeats the striking miners and narrowly avoids assassination by the IRA at Brighton. Figure skaters Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean amazed the world and took the gold medal for Britain at the Winter Olympics on Valentine's Day (February 14). A new disease (AIDS) is recognised and Band Aid single tops the charts.


1985 Margaret claims that there are too many football clubs and the industry should be rationalised in the season that 40 people died at Valley Parade Bradford after a stand caught fire and 39 more after a wall collapsed during the European Cup Final in Belgium between Liverpool and Juventus. Margaret is refused an honourary degree by Oxford University and the Titanic was located at the bottom of the North Atlantic.


1986 Margaret allows the US airforce to use British bases to bomb Libya and in April, the Russian nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in the Ukraine suffered a major accident which resulted in thirty deaths. Michael Heseltine resigns from the cabinet over the Westland affair.


1987 Record third general election victory in the year that DNA is first used to convict criminals and Britain was hit by a hurricane with winds of up to 110mph causing 17 deaths and damage across the country.


1988 Margaret Thatcher accepts the science behind global warming and pledges to do more for the environment. In December, junior health minister Edwina Curry caused panic by suggesting salmonella bacteria was wide spread in the British egg farming industry. Not that it affected the sale of wobbly eggs as Britain went acciiiieeeddd crazy and the rave fuelled summer of love followed typically refusing to join the fun Morrissey records Margaret on the Guillotine.


1989 Interest rates are raised to stop the economic boom fuelling inflation and the Poll Tax is introduced in Scotland. Margaret is quoted as saying ‘we have become grandmother’ after her daughter gives birth. Salman Rushdie went into hiding following a fatwa over the author's book Satanic Verses. On November 10, the Berlin Wall was taken down.


1990 Following a challenge to her leadership, Margaret Thatcher resigns and is succeeded by John Major. Nelson Mandela is freed and Poll Tax Riots erupt in central London. British beef was taken off menus across Europe following the discovery of the infection BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy), also known as Mad Cow Disease ironically just as the Channel Tunnel is completed.


1992 Margaret Thatcher enters the House of Lords as Baroness Thatcher at the official end of the Cold War and also the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Di. Somewhat surprisingly John Major wins the election for the conservatives.


1997 William Hague with strong backing from Margaret is elected leader of the Tories. On her way to a press conference she quips ‘you knew I was coming didn’t you see the Mummy Returns posters. Tony Blair is elected by a landslide for Labour and the era of Cool Britannia begins (and ends).


2003 Denis Thatcher dies leaving Margaret alone. Second Gulf War starts over fictitious weapons of mass destruction and Robin Cook resigns from the Labour Cabinet.


2004 Ronald Reagan dies and American re-elects George Bush the son of his vice president. Margaret makes her first public statement in a long while at his funeral.


2005 Musical is written about her life entitled True Blue and another one called Thatcher the musical.


2006: Proposed monument to Lady Thatcher deemed to be a traffic hazard.


2007 Film of her life proposed.


2008 Play the Death of Margaret Thatcher opens to general lack of applause whilst the lady herself has surgery in St Thomas' Hospital. Road to Finchley shown on TV.

2009 Wave of nostalgia threatens with 25th anniversary of miners' strike and yet another televised drama of the lady's years in power. Daughter Carol proves that she has inherited her mother's talent for controversial comments after describing a black tennis player as a golliwog.