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Heavy words lightly thrown started out as a collaboration with a number of British artists whose remit was to illustrate a selection of traditional nursery rhymes to appeal to an adult audience. Some of these UK based artists and illustrators can be reached by using the links either to their own websites or pages hosted by F&M Publications.


  Heavy words lightly thrown

How they chose to illustrate the rhymes was entirely up to them and the resulting book exhibited a pleasing range of styles from the different artists that placed the rhymes back in an adult context.

Examples of the nursery rhyme illustration found in the British hardback editions of Heavy Words Lightly Thrown can be found by following this link to the  Nursery Rhyme Illustration Pages.

Heavy Words Lightly Thrown Illustrators and Artists Page

Daniel Morgenstern



Ian Stevenson


Victoria Bodycote


Aimee Mclachlin.


Martha Hardy


Karen Macallister


Liz Myhill


Orly Orbach


Alastair Kenward




Celia Biscoe.


Catriona Andrews