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Denis Thatcher Biography (10/05/15 - 26/06/03)

Denis Thatcher was a noble man who loved Margaret Thatcher dearly. In public he always referred to her as 'the boss' but privately it was often Denis who made key decisions and supported Margaret through the difficulties of office and retirement. He was born in South London but educated in Mill Hill until he joined the family business, Atlas Preservatives. During the war he served in the Queen's Own Royal West Kent regiment of the Royal Engineers and reached the rank of Major as well as being mentioned twice in dispatches was awarded an MBE in 1945. In between bravely serving his country he married Margaret Kempson in 1942 only for them to divorce six years later.

Denis helped his second Margaret through her legal training and despite his many business interests, was around to support her emotionally.

Denis Thatcher Biography

 "Better keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt."

 As Margaret Thatcher acknowledged in her autobiography ‘I could never have been Prime Minister for more than 11 years without Denis by my side’. Which is all suspiciously at odds with a public persona that allegedly revolved around gin and golf. The quote above is his own wry observation on the perils of speaking in public.

It was Denis Thatcher that first met Ronald Reagan in the late 1960s and his business contacts that provided Margaret with unique (in terms of British PMs) access and insight into the needs of the entrepreneurial mind set.  He died at the age of 88 at London's Lister Hospital, five months after undergoing heart bypass surgery, with his funeral on July 3, 2003 at the chapel of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. Their children are Sir Mark Thatcher and Carol Thatcher.

Picture by Daniel Morgernstern