Cat nap:

The shortest of our services for when you just need to put your head down for half an hour or so perhaps in the middle of the day or maybe in the early evening (what used to be known as a disco nap). This is a swift reviving sleep which would allow you to quickly gather together you wits, rebalance your equilibrium and face the coming challenges refreshed. A real bargain at 5.00


Days catching up with you? Hectic morning and long evening ahead? Heavy lunch or none at all. The early afternoon is always a difficult time for energy levels and consequently temper. The sensible Mediterraneans came up with the concept of the siesta to combat this, just grab an hour or so after lunch then make it up by staying on later (or not as the case may be) but for a tenner you could make someone as relaxed and happy as a Spaniard with a dish of sardines. They will go out into the world and spread the happy balanced vibe whilst you can feel no guilt at being crabby to one and all, safe in the knowledge that your ill temper has been off set. 

The full lie in:

There are those occasions when you cannot face the day and the night before is an alcowash of pain and embarrassing memory. You can't put your foot on the floor, the mirror has clearly been switched over night, either that or you've had anti botex and gained a face John Marek would blush at. But someone has to bring home the organic boar sausage and there is that meeting at eleven so you struggle up through the toe stubbing challenge of clothing yourself, drip out of the door, wobble to the tube, clutch your way to your desk, cursing, sweating, snarling and dazed. Your insomnia bad feeling footprint is the equivalent in global warming stakes of an American travelling salesman who lights forest fires in his spare time. There is only one thing for it and that is the full lie in which still represents a bargain at 20.00.