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 London Bridge Walks

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The following are a series of rambles loosely based on the bridges featured in Cross River Traffic for people to do in their own time. Eventually they will be added to with maps, suggested pubs and restaurants and other features of the area but at the moment there is a description of the route and a rough notion of how long it should take as well as links to further information about the bridges.

London Bridge Walks

Pleasure Bridge Walk: Vauxhall to Waterloo. Starting at Vauxhall this walk covers Vauxhall, Lambeth, Westminster, Hungerford and Waterloo Bridges there is a more detailed route for the pleasure bridge walk here .

The City Bridges Walk: Blackfriars to Tower. For more details follow the city bridges walk which meanders along to Tower taking in the crossings at London, Southwark, Millennium and Blackfriars.

Fulham Fallout: Putney Bridge to Hammersmith (and beyond if you like). Loops around this scenic part of the Thames to west of London. Click  here for more details of the Fulham Fallout tour.

If you want to go to Chelsea: This walk starts in Wandsworth near the least attractive Thames crossing before taking the waterfront to some of the most striking bridges on the Thames. Click  here for more details of the Chelsea Stroll. 

 For guided London walks that can be booked  please go here

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