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Art term bingo works like traditional bingo and the popular variant office bingo. Each time you reload the page a different random set of art terms comes up. Print off as many cards as you need and cross off the terms as they come up. It's an ideal way to enliven dull art theory lectures, pretentious talks or even pompous monologues from friends and colleagues. This card, whilst it does contain some general terms, was created for a talk  at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on August 24th 2005. There is no copyright on this because art, after all, should be free so if you want to customise the card for your own purposes simply download the art term bingo card and view the page source. Then it is a question of changing the terms on this one to terms that more closely suit your purposes. It is a good idea to keep four or five art terms that will almost certainly be used by your target individual or lecture, in the case of this one developers, privitisation, public space and flanuers. 

Then it is just a question of crossing off the terms as you hear them at the lecture and hopefully like pokeman you'll get them all. You will of course have to come to your own arrangements about prizes though.


Cross off the terms as you hear them

If you manage to cross off all the terms you must shout:


To claim your prize.