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Russian Soccer Side Name Generator. Imagine you are an oligarch with billions of roubles burning a hole in your pocket. You want to do something important, bring joy, satisfy your vanity and be interviewed in the media....... what better than buy a football team?  The trouble then is what to call it.

This is where the soccer side name generator comes in. You will be instantly provided with hundreds of likely sounding options to pick from.




The soccer side name generator is brought to you by Cafe Calcio a football fanzine radio show broadcast out of London on Resonance 104.4 FM

Listen every Friday at 21:00, and repeated on Saturday at 15:30

This generator  is part of our East European special of December 3rd 2010.

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A geographical note: 
The soccer side name generator recognises that the new money is not restricted to Russia and so includes cities that are now part of other countries such as the Ukraine.  Any similarity
to actual teams is purely coincidental

 Cafe Calcio 2010